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An internet meme popularlized on YouTube by Hank and Michael Aranda in which you enter your name . When a Nerdfighter and non-Nerdfighter are dating.
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The hype around "The Fault in Our Stars" being a record-breaking movie , even before its release, is at least partially the work of avid Nerdfighters. Social media analysts have caught on to the online community's role in driving the movie's success, asking about the "strategic takeaways" that those wishing to build an audience can learn from the Nerdfighters. Having conducted more than three years of research with Nerdfighters, I'm frustrated when this group is framed as simply a movie-going audience.

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Instead, Nerdfighters should be acknowledged as a self-standing online community, meaningful both as a source of friendship and support for young people, and as a site for civic learning and action. Nerdfighters simply call it "decreasing world suck.

Nerdfighters: The Online Community Behind the Box-Office Hit | HuffPost

Nerdfighters are a creative and unorthodox bunch, as likely to be playing a hand-made ukulele as they are to be shooting the next installment of their collective video-blog on YouTube. Unlike what the media coverage may suggest, Nerdfighters aren't just "fans of John Green" or his brother Hank, who for Nerdfighters holds the same celebrity status. The Green brothers are only one common ground uniting Nerdfighters.

Rather, Nerdfighteria is a place where young people meet like-minded others, and can proudly let their "inner nerd" shine. It is a place where they can share their most intimate worries and concerns. Just as Esther shared her struggles with cancer, other Nerdfighters share the problems they face, such as their parents' divorce, battling depression, or uncertainties around their sexual identities. While many have come to acknowledge that online communities can provide social support for young people, they may be surprised that Nerdfighteria is also a place where young people come to see themselves as civic actors.

As part of my research, I've seen Nerdfighters learning about social issues through VlogBrothers' humorous, fast-paced yet highly informative videos. I've seen them modeling the VlogBrothers by becoming YouTube video producers themselves, sometimes using this forum for expression of political views. And, I've heard Nerdfighters discussing political issues with others in the community through YouTube comments or extended conversations on Skype.

Fitness Challenge — n. In , Hank and John and nerdfighters were supposed to participate in a series of challenges that promoted healthy activity. It never really took off. Fitness for Nerds — n. Flipping the Pipple — v. It refers to doing nothing of importance usually holding up your collaborator in a two-person game. Florence Foster Jenkins — n. A questionably talented opera singer who dared to suck and played Carnegie Hall. Foreign John Green Books — n. Editions of John novels that are in a different language.

The cover will often depict either girls, feet, or both, and they are always pronounced incorrectly by the author. Because John owns so many of them, he at one point created a battle between the foreign editions of Looking for Alaska.

Foundation to Decrease World Suck — n. A c 3 charity dedicated to decreasing WorldSuck. It is also referred to as the bank of Nerdfighteria, and gets a large portion of its funds from the Project for Awesome. Fox Hat — n. The fox hat was also seen in a few vlogbrothers videos. French the Llama FTL — n.

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  • The Official Nerdfighter Lexicon | Nerdfighteria;
  • An exclamation one makes when completely and utterly excited eg. G Giant Squid of Anger — n. What John becomes when an idea or attitude is completely ridiculous. This also happens to many other people on the internet, especially in YouTube comments. Portrayed by screaming and flailing.

    Giraffe Sex — n. Vlogbrothers videos which feature giraffe sex in the thumbnail are typically more viewed than videos which do not. This has prompted a Giraffe Love t-shirt. Typically the intro to any vlogbrothers video eg. Google Verb Meme — n. An internet meme popularlized on YouTube by Hank and Michael Aranda in which you enter your name followed by a verb into Google and see what the suggested searches are.

    A stupid, incompetent, silly, or foolish act or person. Great American Tour de Nerdfighting, The — n. The name given to the vlogbrothers tour of America , see also Tour de Nerdfighting. Great White Wall of Cow, The — n. Grey Speckled Walls — n. Guilt Free Three — n. First mentioned as a free pass list. The original book was eventually located despite John having misremembered the title. Gussie Audrey Manlove — n. A name that appears on a headstone in the Knightstown, Indiana cemetery.

    First seen in February of , in a video by John. Her identity was discovered soon after. Resulted in Nerdfighteria finding her history and various name changes.

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    Gutshot, Tennessee — n. A fictional location which is purported to house the remains Archduke Franz Ferdinand and where Colin Singleton and Hassan Harbish visit on their road trip in An Abundance of Katherines. H Hair For Hazel — n. Hank Green — n.

    The Official Nerdfighter Lexicon

    See also Who the eff is Hank? One half of the vlogbrothers. Also known as the brother of the author, John Green. Majored in Biochemistry in college, now a YouTuber, entrepreneur, and musician. Hank Green and the Perfect Strangers — n. Their first album, Incongruent , was released May 6, A sock puppet version of Hank, not frequently seen.

    Hankgames Without Hank — n. An Anglerfish drawn by a Hank. To draw a Hanklerfish. Hanko de Mayo — n. A play on words of Cinco de Mayo term no longer used, having been deemed culturally appropriative. This video, performed as a punishment by Hank. His designated punishment was to dress up as Carrie Bradshaw, a character from Sex and the City. A secondary YouTube channel used by Hank to post videos that he does not post on the main vlogbrothers channel.

    Happy Dance — n. A dance which expresses happiness.

    The exact movements vary from person to person. Harry and the Potters — n. A charitable organization focused on fighting for human rights and social justice using the most powerful weapon we have: Hazel Grace Lancaster — n. The act of headdesking. Used by John in question answering videos. Healthcare Triage — n. A YouTube channel set up by John in light of the controversies surrounding Obamacare. Aaron Carroll discusses issues including Obamacare and medical myths.

    Hectic Glow, The — n. However The Hectic Glow has yet to create a single track because the group does not exist. An American actress b.