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We're keeping costs low, while still improving reliability, investing in our It also makes it easier and faster for customers to connect to rooftop solar resources.
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They assert they informed me by email of a monthly rise in cost. The only appliance using gas is my water heater, with usage the same year around. I see another review below with the exact same thing happening. Something is seriously wrong with this company. We need to get media involved. This is why monopolies are supposed to be prevented.

I asked a customer service rep why is the delivery fee more that we our consumption fee. She gave me a B. Basically didn't answer my question at all. They also applied a misc charge on my bill this month. Probably not just this month, I just happen to catch it this month. When I asked what was that for, she said it was a consumption rate raise from the beginning of the year. SMH, I can't stand Dominion, they are crooks like many of these companies that have no competition.

Since the bill was not paid and a late fee was charged, made a payment immediately for the full balance. Dominion now is taking two payments. Customer Service Manager Michelle says that is policy and the charge is correct. How is an NSF charge valid for money I do not owe.

Their policy is across the board and have no room for logic, exceptions, common sense? Who is your CEO and who is cracking the whip that you cannot make no adjustments. Dominion is another Wells Fargo heading down a bad road. BBB needs to investigate them and also the government needs to audit Dominion Energy. They have terrible business practices and I am sure there are many more overcharges to customers.

Someone please check on them. We need more competition.

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They are doing what they want since there is none and gives no one a break. Wish I had choices. My complaint is that I have to call Dominion service multiple times because most of their customer service representatives doesn't have any clue of what to tell me to help me understand the process of replacing the meter base in our house! They are not very helpful at all! I wish they tell me all the information I need to know right away. First, their Technician told us we need to hire a qualified electrician to see the problems and left; the only thing he told us the problem was the left jaw was bent.

As this was my first time hearing this I was dumbfounded, what was bent? I called their customer service representative to see if the technician put a detailed information of why he couldn't install the electric meter; the customer service representative just read what the technician wrote "line side jaw be As I learn about the problem by calling a few electricians, I realized there are information that Dominion customer service rep didn't relay to me. When I went to see the meter box, there was a lock, access inside the box is impossible.

I called the customer service rep about the lock; I asked him how my electrician fixed the problem if he can't access the box. Oh wait, I called them first to ask if my electrician or I can open the lock, the customer rep replied that we can't open the lock. I waited if the customer rep will elaborate. So, now then I called again to asked them then how will my electrician fix the problem. The customer rep replied that since their service techs operations are close for the day I guess I called after their operating hours after 5pm , then I have to call the next day.

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I don't want to call the next day, I need the power now, I thought to myself. The customer rep just keep saying call the service tech at their operating hours. The customer rep seemed oblivious to what my concerns are and just didn't care if I have power or not or when will I have the power back. The next day, I called back to ask what are the qualifications for the electrician looking to see if the electrician has to work for a company etc and any other information to what else my electrician needs to do etc.

Every time I called, I have to tell them in details what was the problem! Don't they at least train their customer reps to know some of these information or at least have some basic idea about the process! The only good thing about them is at least they pick up the phone every time I have a question, but I wouldn't have wasted their time or mine if they have tell me all the information I need right beforehand!

So, to house owners that needs to replace their meter base These are the information that you need: I have had them for years and have no problems with them - when Mother Nature decides to take the electric down, they are very prompt to be out in all kinds of weather - working to restore power. We have been with Dominion Virginia Power for over 20 yrs.

Our home is all electric, which is very costly. We keep our thermostats as low as possible, and use a wood burning stove to avoid always turning the heat on. In the hot humid days of summer, we use timers on the window units, turning them on in the evenings; again, to keep the high cost of electricity down! We are located in an older neighborhood with overhead power lines. Every time there is a heavy thunderstorm, ice storms or high winds we lose power. We also are plagued with momentary power loss almost every few month, which has a negative effect on the life of our fire alarms and other battery-run appliances.

I should mention though that when we experience power outages, their automated system for reporting outages is very good. Over the past few years, their response time to power loss has improved. The referrals to agencies to assist with payment options is very nice especially the Customer Service Center.

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Our area is notorious for losing power with just a sneeze, and Dominion Power has been working on improving the area. I have always received excellent service. When there is severe weather conditions, and I lose power, it is usually restored very quickly. However, I am concerned about the proposed pipeline. Terrible hours, for something so important such as gas esp during winter.

Terrible, could care less attitude customer service. Wish there were more options for gas. We built a new house and are new to setting up ALL these utilities and companies. Made a honest mistake of forgetting to call Dominion whatever it is called. They said they attempted to contact us!? He knocked and ran to his truck got his stuff and turned it off We weren't home. Have ring and saw how fast he was and attempted to talk to him through ring, he ignored our 3 attempts.

Called them right away after realizing what was going on. Called Friday around 12pm. They said it was too late and it will be shut off till Monday. It's February, we have children. They said the guy won't come back even though he was still in front of our house and take off the lock. It was pathetic and sad how lazy and how much they lack sympathy. We are the odd extremely conscious energy users; our thermostat is rarely on at all and set at 66 it is , my wife and I take our showers at the gym, and our gas stove is used at most once a week.

This winter has been unusually warm so gas consumption should logically be down, dramatically so. We talked to a neighbor and a family member who lives in the area, their bill is also exponentially higher than it has ever been. Something is clearly going on with Dominion Energy. Dominion Energy bought out Questar in Utah. I called to question my bill.

I was told that it was correct.

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Again I called and to question and was told it was correct. This company is doing nothing but ripping people off. Something is definitely wrong with their billing practice. I'm having an attorney look into the issue.

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  • This screams class action. Worst customer service ever.

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    So you get that automated call saying you're late making payment. You need to make a payment before a due date that they set before you get cut off. The date they set is always a day or two before you get paid. Called customer and say, "I can't pay you on the 6th but I can pay you on the 9th in full. That is my payday. Can we do this instead? It has to be paid on the date given.