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The annual layer identification has to date been continued to 60, b2k. In the Holocene, the records from the three cores have been matched using the conductivity records ECM , so that the timescale is common to all three cores. You can also read more about how GICC05 was created in the published papers that describe the different section of the timescale:.

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The dating of the period from today back to 7. The results were published by Vinther et al.

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The dating of the period between 7. The results have been published in Journal of Geophysical Research by Rasmussen et al.

Moniece Claims Apryl Jones Is Dating Omarion's B2K Bandmate

The dating of the period from The high resolution chemistry measurements are also used, but when the annual layers become thinner than about 1. The dating of this period and comparisons with comparable timescales were published in Quaternary Science Reviews by Andersen et al. This is the oldest Greenland ice core section ever dated by annual layer counting. I think a b2k dating of time shrinking really.

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